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Erin Meckfessel

FSI Certified Sleep Consultant & IBPA Baby Planner

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Why Infant and Child Sleep Consulting?

As a certified child sleep consultant, Erin Meckfessel helps families get a good night’s rest. Below are some common reasons parents are hiring Pickles & Ice Cream Sleep and Baby Consulting to help with your child’s sleep:

  • Current research shows that sleep effects a child’s physical and emotional health.
  • In today’s modern world, establishing sleep habits is more difficult with dual working households.
  • Struggles with a child’s sleep is often the #1 frustration and concern on parenting website, blogs and forums.
  • With so many books , forums, websites, and blogs on adolescent sleep; it can be overwhelming for parents to choose the best sleep approach for their child.
  • Most pediatricians give parents recommendations on how many hours of sleep your child should get in a 24 hour period but not many approaches on how to do achieve it.
  • Pickles & Ice Cream Sleep and Baby Consulting customizes sleep plans that are practical for parents to follow.
  • Instead of getting advice from family or friends, parents can seek advice from a professional and certified sleep consultant.
  • Sleep consulting is very helpful for children that are struggling in school, have behavior issues, bad eating habits or simply battle takings naps consistently.
  • Parents wanting some to have more of a routine and know that they are providing their child the right amount of sleep.
  • Do you want an expert to help instead of parenting books and advice?



“I attended the Pickles & Ice Cream Infant, Toddler and Child Sleep event at the Kirkwood Library in January with host Erin Meckfessel...I am so glad I went. I feel like I have a head start on becoming a mom. I am confident that I what I learned will prevent me from having to break some bad sleep habits that, as a new mom, I would have created for my baby.”

-Gina G.