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Erin Meckfessel

FSI Certified Sleep Consultant & IBPA Baby Planner

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Testimonials – Child Sleep Trainer & Baby Consultant

We are known for our success with child sleep training and baby consulting. Pickles & Ice Cream STL Baby Planning is first and foremost about helping you, the parents-to-be, get the most out of this amazing time in your life – the arrival of a new little bundle of joy! So, it’s always great hearing back from satisfied customers with stories of how we were able to help ease the transition into parenthood by providing the right support, education and resources. Take a look at some of their stories, and see what we can do for you!

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I just wanted to share the AMAZING experience I had working with Erin Meckfessel.

Erin helped my husband and I multiple times with our baby registry. She even went to the extent to schedule an appointment with me so I could come in one last time to nail down everything we will be needing for our upcoming arrival.

Erin is the most knowledgeable person I have spoken with at ANY baby retail establishment about everything baby-related. My husband has been using a book called “Baby Bargains” to help us make sure we are buying recommended items. Erin has been spot on with what the book recommends as well!

My husband and I went into BBB very overwhelmed, but with all of Erin’s help and expertise, we feel that we have registered for the right items and that we are going to be ready for our baby’s arrival in March. For example, we had multiple employees at other stores tell us that with what we want out of a stroller that we would need 2-3 of them. However, Erin showed us 1 stroller that will fit our needs perfectly. I was so excited about it that I was selling it to another couple in the store.

I just want you to know that Erin Meckfessel is a true ASSET to any expecting parent. It is so overwhelming to walk into a baby store and I’m not sure what we would have done without Erin’s help. I will turn to her in the future for advice and recommendations as my baby grows.

I know we will be in touch! Thanks again for all your help :)

-Erin Zirngible

Hi Erin,
Let me first apologize for not thanking you and sending you the one million dollar check you truly deserve. You truly performed a miracle in our lives. Callie has been sleeping consistently since the third night of your consultation. We are forever grateful.

I passed along your web address to a coworker of mine who was in the same predicament that i was. His name is Alston. He should be contacting you shortly.

Again thanks for being a miracle worker.


What a great program last night!!!

-Deb Barry

I can’t say enough good things about Erin. I’m a single mom living in downtown Chicago and I went straight back to work after giving birth to my daughter in January 2012 so getting a good sleep routine for both my daughter and me was crucial. I mentioned to a mutual friend of mine and Erin’s that my daughter and I had somewhat of a routine going at 3 months but that there were still some areas that needed tweaking. She immediately recommended Erin! Within a few short weeks of connecting with Erin, we had a solid plan and more importantly RESULTS! She is wonderful about checking in with me, praising me and providing solutions when questions arise and I am needing advice. I have recommended her probably a dozen times in the last year and will continue to do so! Even a year later, she is still helping me and is good about getting back to me in a timely manner. Kudos Erin!


I am pregnant with my first child (due March 28, 2013) and although I have several friends and family with little ones, all of the things I need to learn in 9 months can be daunting.

I attended the Pickles & Ice Cream Infant, Toddler and Child Sleep event at the Kirkwood Library in January with host Erin Meckfessel. I really did not know what to expect; but I am so glad I went. I feel like I have a head start on becoming a mom. I am confident that I what I learned will prevent me from having to break some bad sleep habits that, as a new mom, I would have created for my baby.

-Gina G.

After too many sleepless nights, a fussy baby, and worn-out parents, my husband and I came across Erin’s website. We immediately knew that we had to give her a call. After completing an initial intake evaluation, Erin developed a sleep schedule that fit our lifestyle. She coached us through each aspect of the new schedule, assisted us in breaking negative sleep associations and in establishing positive ones, and worked with us to tweak the schedule as needed. Erin was even available for a 9:00 phone call on a Saturday night during a moment of crisis for us! After just three days, our daughter was sleeping soundly through the night and waking with a smile on her face! Within a week, we began to see drastic improvements in her napping. We could not have had such success without the expertise, guidance, and encouragement of Erin. Now, approximately three months later, our family continues to be well-rested and happy!


“Oh my goodness! Erin, thank you soooo much for coming and helping me! I just added almost all of these items to my target list and I am so thankful for your help! Thanks again!”

-Beka G.

“Thank you, Erin Meckfessel! Your help planning the arrival of my twins was a huge comfort! Can’t wait for you to meet my little guys!”

-Bridget R.

“Erin’s definitely living her dream and helping out so many expecting parents. She is so knowledgeable, and guided us to make the best decisions for our little girl. She is so very sweet, and we can’t thank her enough for helping set up our birthing plan and nursery.”

-Anne D.

“Have you guys ever heard of Rosie Pope? WELL, as cool as she seems, our own Erin is WAY cooler! St. Louis is SO lucky to have its own Baby Planner!”

-Fresh Art Photography

“Let me first apologize for not thanking you and sending you the one million dollar check you truly deserve. You truly performed a miracle in our lives. Callie has been sleeping consistently since the third night of your consultation. We are forever grateful.”