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Erin Meckfessel

FSI Certified Sleep Consultant & IBPA Baby Planner

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About Pickles & Ice Cream Sleep and Baby Consulting

Pickles & Ice Cream Sleep and Baby Consulting was founded by a certified infant and child sleep consultant in St. Louis Missouri and baby professional Erin Meckfessel to help take away some of the stress and confusion of preparing for the arrival of a baby – that way, expecting parents can relax and focus on enjoying one of the most remarkable and life-changing experiences of their lives.

From the very beginning, Erin has always loved babies and children. Working as a professional nanny for over 10 years, Erin honed her skills and discovered all the ins and outs of caring for newborns and toddlers. Erin quickly realized, though, that parents don’t just need help after their babies are born – they can use advice, guidance and support prior to birth as well.

That’s why Erin decided to start Pickles & Ice Cream Baby and Sleep Consulting, so she could help expecting parents help themselves. After earning her Bachelors of Arts in Communication, Erin decided to focus on her passion … Babies, Toddlers and Sleep! She wanted to provide parents with unbiased, well-informed and educational advice on having an infant or having issues with sleep. Obviously, it’s always going to come down to you as parents to make the final decisions and discoveries about what’s right for your child, but Pickles & Ice Cream Sleep and Baby Consulting provides a much-needed support system to help ease the transition into parenthood.

Pickles & Ice Cream Sleep and Baby Consulting has had proven success with parents all over the United States and world! With modern day technology we are able to help parents thru email, phone, and Skype/FaceTime consulting.

Finally, it’s important to keep in mind that while Pickles & Ice Cream offers a wide variety of services, Erin is not a licensed medical professional.

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Baby Planning Consulting Services

Erin Meckfessel
FSI Certified Child Sleep Consultant &
IBPA Baby Planner

“Within a few short weeks of connecting with Erin, we had a solid plan and more importantly RESULTS! She is wonderful about checking in with me, praising me and providing solutions when questions arise and I am needing advice.”