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Erin Meckfessel

FSI Certified Sleep Consultant & IBPA Baby Planner

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Sleep Is the Key To a Happy Family

Pickles & Ice Cream Sleep and Baby Consulting helps parents teach their babies to sleep soundly and consistently. A home where the children and parents have healthy sleep, is a home that is balanced and harmonious. As a certified child sleep expert in St. Louis, Erin Meckfessel is committed to empowering parents all over the United States with the know-how and tools you need to gently guide your babies or toddlers into healthy sleeping habits.

In addition to child sleep training, Erin offers a wide variety of baby consulting services to help make parenting easier. There’s a lot to figure out before your little bundle of joy arrives, but with so many products and so much advice out there, it can all get a little overwhelming. Pickles & Ice Cream Sleep and Baby Consulting helps make the transition to parenthood a little bit easier by providing much-needed support, resources and know-how to soon-to-be parents around the country.

Your baby deserves the very best start. Sleep is truly the key to a happy family.